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How To Play
1. Register for a FREE account. You only get 5 Grains of Gold with a FREE account and they cannot be redeemed for cash. You can convert your account to a Paid Prospector at any time once you have joined.
2. Login to the site and click on the link that says "My Claims". Its going to say "Sorry, you currently do not own any claims. Would you like to buy one now? Click yes. Its going to cost you Gold to buy a claim. There are multiple claims available.
3. Once you own a claim you will need some basic supplies in order to start mining. Click on "My Supplies" and choose "Buy Additional Supplies". You will now see a list of supplies you can purchase. You need at least a Pick Axe, drinking water, rations, and a leather pouch for your gold. Each of these items vary in price but they are essential to mine. If you do not own an adequate supply of these items you will not be able to mine.
4. Now that you own a claim and the required tools needed to mine all you need to do is select "My Claims" and choose the claim that you want to mine. Make sure you have turns as it cost 1 turn to prospect a square on your claim. You can prospect as many squares as you want as long as you have enough turns available. To prospect all you need to do is click on the square of your choice. Isn't it easy? :)

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